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Who we are

Movina Managers Professional Managers Limited has been in business since 2013 first as an Event Company.

Today we do more than events and training. We now operates as as a Character Development and Reinforcement organization as well as Ethical Customer Service Training business.

We now Train, Counsel and Coach Individuals and Start -Up Businesses.

For Individuals we help them Develop and Reinforce Character.

We Counsel Addicts and Substance Users using Biblical Principles. And we Mediate in Family Crisis.

Our Profile

Company History

Movina started in 2003 as Exotica Events and have been training, planning, styling and coordinating since then until 2021 when we started branching off into what destiny has for Movina in the area of Character Development and Reinforcement.

Then we began to see the importance of Character in recovering from addiction and substance use disorder using Biblical Concepts and Principles. This also led to deviating into Ethical Customer Service Training Programs and Restoration of Families through Character Matters.

I have discovered the following:

With Character Development and Reinforcement there will be Addicts, no Alcoholics, no LGBTQ.

With Character, Entrepreneurs will have Customers that want to come back to patronize businesses over and again thereby making more monies.

With good Character families will live happily and connect as God intended.

We want individuals and businesses to be dignified and Character enshrined.

We help purpose driven lndividuals and Entrepreneurs create order out of chaos by clearing hidden blocks to goal attainment.

    1. We'd help you Develop and Reinforce Character.
    2. We'd help you Recover from Addiction, Alcoholism, Suicide tendencies, Depression, Trauma etc
    3. We'd help Entrepreneurs serve Customers ethically and excellently.
Our Vision
We are dedicated to see individuals and businesses built-up with character and moral values in the society.
Our Mission
We exist to help model a better everyday life, helping to build individuals and businesses' ethically and morally in the society.
Our Core Values
We believe counseling, coaching and training must implement ethical and accurate Biblical Principles with godly character and excellence for success.
We seek to maintain quality at every level in our organization such that counselees can easily recover from their struggles.
The Church for us is the only context for the care of spirit, soul and body. On this basis, we must be part of God's mission to bring Salvation to sinners and those who are struggling.
What we do

We Coach, We Mediate, We Speak

We give expert Coaching and Mediation services to Individuals and entrepreneurs to thrive in their endeavours. View our services
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